Heartbreak & Hard Times

One thing that I have learned about heartbreak is that everyone’s heartbreak and hard times look different. We have all been through something that we would call a “heartbreak” or “hard time”. We can relate in our own way, even when our circumstances look different. So, why does our loving God allow heartbreak?

Why God Allows Heartbreak and Trials

How do you deal with the trauma? You can find a post I wrote about 14 verses for dealing with grief here.

When we are going through hardship it feels like it will never end. I remember thinking, “am I going to be stuck in this forever?” My life felt so complicated. I’d have the same fight with my husband over and over, we had endless bills to pay, friendships to mend, parenting skills that need improvement. The list went on and on. You can read more about my marriage here.

Whose side is God on

Sometimes, you might wonder whose side God is on… Find out here!


But then, things gradually get better. That’s hope. Hope only comes from one place. God. 

But maybe you haven’t felt things gradually get better and you’re wondering where to turn for some hope. 

Did you know that the book of Psalms, in the Bible, was written primarily by David? David fully trusted God’s will for his life. He was a sinner just like you and me, but he sought God’s will for his life.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by diving into the bible, check out my 4 tips to understanding your Bible better

Worry creeps in

How many times in our lives do we say, “I know the right way. I can make this work – I will do it.” (The self-assured comments go on and on.)

It is so easy for me to forget how powerful God is when I am wrapped up in my problems. 

The Psalms are a great reminder of how to trust God in the highs and lows we experience in life. Praising God no matter what is going on will open up a whole new aspect to your relationship with God. 

I have to remember when I am sad, worried or scared, God wants me to give all my worries to Him because He cares for me! (1 Peter 5:7 NLV)


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Trust in Trials

God blesses us when we sing praises to Him during the hard times. 

My pastor once said, if you don’t know if you love God very much, you don’t know Him very much. God is love. Luckily for us, the more we get to know Him, the more we learn about how much He cares for us and how much He will do to take care of us. 

I love having my favorite Bible verses around the house to remind me of God’s unfailing love. You can download my Free Bible Verse Printables here!

This year has been a super big challenge for our family. It seems to have been filled with a lot of unknowns and worries. So what did I do? I joined a Bible study (You can learn more about my Bible Study Group). 

I chose to learn to lean on God. Even though my life isn’t fairy tales and roses now, I can feel God close by during the day. The best part is… The more we lean, the better we get at leaning on Him!

Unanswered Prayers

So you’re probably thinking, yeah right… I’ve tried praying a million times and do not feel any closer to God and He still hasn’t taken care of my problem, so you don’t get it. 

I hear you and trust me I GET YOU! I don’t mean to in any way minimize how difficult of a time you may be going through right now. 

Sometimes, God’s answer to our prayers isn’t the answer we prayed for…

Maybe in our tough times, God’s answer to our prayers was giving us more courage to get through the rough patch. Or His answer was to keep our mouths shut, so we didn’t make things worse with our spouse. 

Maybe the answer is showing us how to find joy in the bad times, so that we don’t take for granted how blessed we are. Or, the hardest answer of all… learning to wait on God – the answer of patience and trusting Him. This is usually always part of the answer, it seems.

Seems like if I look back at a previous heartbreak and hard time in my life, I can see that God taught me a lesson. He put me on a new path and the journey might not have been as smooth as I had wanted, but I needed a different door opened.

Why Does God Allow heartbreak and hard times?

God wants me to rely on Him and look only to Him for help. Why would I do that if things were always super easy? I wouldn’t find the need.

God gave us free will. We are sinners though and sometimes choose the well-traveled path because everyone is doing it or because it is easier (more fun, quicker, etc). 

God allows our consequences to catch up with us, so then we can see that we need Him, turn from our sinful ways, repent and be washed white as snow! 

You can see what Billy Graham said about why God allows suffering here. 

My Personal Struggle

So my personal struggle has always been negativity and anxiety. A lot of my family struggles with worrying about every day things and the big things, so it was “normal.”

This past year, God has shown me He is in control by breaking me down and teaching me that my anxiety is nothing in comparison to Him. 

Gods Purpose in my trails

Even though this year has been extremely difficult – I feel God here, by me. He is pressing me forward.

I can hear His encouraging words on my heart, like “Jenna, I’ve got this. I have victory over all of this.”  You can read more about how I fell in love with Jesus here.


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What I Learned

I have learned that my life is beautiful. It is hard and it is great. Realizing what you had and no longer have, makes you appreciate everything going forward because you never know when it will be gone. 

My relationship with God is astronomically different after this year and there are a million and one benefits to that… So with that, my marriage is better and stronger and I have found God’s purpose for my life!

When you’re leaning on God all day, every day, your relationships are better, your outlook is better, your anxiety doesn’t have control anymore. No earthly option tops that!


So what is your trial? Will you trust God with it? Will you believe He has already conquered death to free you from that heartbreak you’re stuck in? 

Girl… He will seek your love and trust until the day you die! Like a sappy Hallmark movie but in real life 🙂 Not only that, He wants to vacation with you in Paradise forever all expenses paid! 


Thank you for loving me as a good parent would. Help me to see Your love in this difficult time. Please be gentle with me as I have a lot to learn. Help me to turn from my sins so I can see You more clearly in every moment. Amen. 

Let me know how I can be praying for you today, 

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Why God Allows Heartbreak and Trials Why God allows Trials Gods Purpose in my trials


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  1. God is faithful and sure, true to His Word. I am so grateful to our God Who never leaves us nor forsakes us. I am a widow these past 20 months…so hard yet so amazing at the same time. Through my tears, I know God has shown Himself so strong as my Husband (Isaiah 54:5). He is teaching me and loving me through this heartache, and molding me more into the person He wants me to be, to be more Christlike. Thank you for sharing this today for your words remind me of the lessons I am in the midst of.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  2. Thank you for the great and inspirational content. These are certainly trying times. But God says He’s got our back, and that the battle belongs to Him. We have victory in Him already, so that’s what I stand in. Please check out my blog at charmaincrawford.com for more inspiration.

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