A Prayer for a Soulmate + Printable Prayer {The Prayer Series}

Are you a hopeless romantic? I am. When I was little, I used to think my husband would be just infatuated with me and curious to know all about me. I probably said a prayer for a soulmate more than I prayed for anything else. So, I wanted to share my prayer for a soulmate with you and a free printable prayer mini-workbook, too.

Fun fact: My first boyfriend was when I was four years old. I was a little eager to get the whole soulmate show on the road.

My aunt gave me my very first diary in the third grade. So, I wrote down all about my current crush. What my mood ring said when he would try it on, “in love”, “nervous”, etc. You know, all the things my one day husband would need to know… Haha

Finding your soulmate and waiting for the love of your life can take a while. This Christian prayer for your soulmate will help you find true love. Free printable mini-book to design your own prayer.

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So, I continued to keep a journal, all through life.

Fast forward and I’m married now with two kids and have no time to journal, but I blog. So, I journal publicly now. Lol!

So, maybe you’re wondering why a married woman would be writing about a prayer for a soulmate when she’s found hers…

Good question, so here’s why.

I was you. Searching for Mr. Right. Staring at commercials of proposals wondering if I’d ever have my day… Moreover, I longed to be loved and quench those feelings of loneliness and wanting to be loved.


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Along came my husband

My husband came along when I was unavailable.

Remember, I was the “relationship type” all along, so no matter how the relationship was going, I was in one.

Eventually, he (my now husband) convinced me I needed to date him, Ha! And we’ve been together ever since.

My husband and I met, at the bar he worked at, and we couldn’t stop thinking about each other after we met, even though we had only exchanged first names.

Later that night, I told my best friend he looked like the man I thought I would marry and she thought I was crazy.

But, little did I know, he started working extra shifts to run into me again.

When he finally saw my best friend again, months later, he asked her where the girl who stole his heart was. So, my best friend said, “What is with you two?”

A prayer for a soulmate answered

I’m going to be honest. Love at first sight doesn’t make it an easier road. The term “soulmates” is like a Hallmark movie word that makes a girl think if she can just find Prince Charming, she won’t feel heartbroken again.

I hate that!

Girlfriend, that’s not true. Even your earthly soulmate will mess up, be a sinner, say the wrong thing, miss out on your so carefully dropped hints, and fight you tooth and nail.

My earthly soulmate

God made a man/husband for me to learn how to love Jesus more. The marriage God designed for you is meant to grow you in righteousness and bring others to Christ by your witness. By your example of Jesus’ love for His church.

I’ve learned, He doesn’t make a spouse for us. He makes us a spouse for His glory.

In contrast, movies portray soulmates as this long-awaited person who fulfills someone else. They understand you completely. They make life and marriage smooth.

However, marriage is servanthood. My marriage does as well as I serve my husband. If I’m not serving him well, we aren’t doing well either.

This is something I completely underestimated before getting married. I always thought I was so ready to get married, but God knew I wasn’t ready. I needed to be all about serving someone else, not my own selfishness, loneliness, insert more longings here. You can read 7 other things I wish I had known before getting married here.

Not to mention, we are total opposites. Honestly, sometimes I want to smack him, but I love him. : ) He’s not easy and I’m not easy. Learning to lay down my marriage for Christ isn’t easy, but it’s His will.

Our prayer for heavenly soulmate

So, even though we are a pretty poor choice of bride for a Groom, who could have anyone He wanted, God chose us to be His bride anyway.

When I was journaling about my past crushes, I was forgetting the One who did want to hear about it.

Like my husband, God provides for His bride. In the book of John, Jesus says, “I am going away to prepare a place for you.”

In our newlywed days, I expected my husband to chase after me if we were fighting and I would storm out of the room. Did I mention, he is stubborn too? But my Heavenly Father will chase after me and you!

I urge you to read further about it here.

A prayer for a soulmate

your prayer for a soulmate

If today, you find yourself longing and praying for a soulmate… Here is a soulmate’s checklist:

Have faith

Looking back, I realize I didn’t give God enough credit. (Do we ever?) But, I realize He was shaping my future and refining me for what was to come.

I thought, “Why is this taking so long?” “Can’t He hear me?”

I wasn’t being patient. I wasn’t being present, either.

Looking back at my college years, I think of how much time I spent coveting other’s relationships instead of enjoying what God had laid before me. An education. Opportunities. New Friendships, I would keep forever.

So, have faith, He is working on something great for you too!

Work on being your best soulmate

If you work on being the best spouse for someone, you will find the best match for you. I always thought that I was going to find someone who accepted me for exactly who I was. That would have been great, but I want to grow to be a better version of myself and your spouse is going to want that too.

Only God accepts us right now, for exactly who we are. He sent us Jesus to take care of the sin issue our hearts have.

Also, prepare your heart for the servanthood of marriage, not to be served.

Turn to His word

When you’re doubting there’s a guy for you, read God’s Word.

He is THE GUY. So, fall in love with that Guy.

You can read more about how I fell in love with God here.

When your prayers for a soulmate are going unanswered

As I mentioned, saying a prayer for a soulmate was probably the most familiar prayer I said. I knew God was listening, but I didn’t notice Him answering my prayer.

However, I wasn’t listening either, I was the one doing all the talking and telling God my plan.

If you take time to spend quiet time with God, you will hear him. When I rush and say what I wanted from Him, I miss His voice. Find out how to spend quiet time with God + free quiet time journal here.

Seek your heavenly soulmate first

Seek God first and you will have unexplained joy, in any situation. If you’re wondering how to put God first in your life, you can read more about that here.

Get Your Personalized Prayer for a soulmate

A Free Prayer for a Soulmate Mini-book! This mini-book can be personalized and tailored to where you are in life. Thus, there are six questions that you will answer before finishing with your own prayer for a soulmate.

The six answers to your workbook questions will end up becoming part of your prayer. So, don’t skip this step.

Praying for a soulmate

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A prayer for a soulmate continues

Moreover, as you continue to yearn for a soulmate, I pray that you seek your Heavenly Soulmate first. Pray your soulmate prayer and let God give you peace.

He cares about all the stories of your past, even the past boyfriends. Patiently, God is growing you into the person He formed you to be.

Lastly, He loves you and He will seek you, recklessly.

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  1. This is a topic very much needed! We have that God shaped hole in our hearts and so often we try to fill it with all kinds of things thinking “this will be what makes me complete!” So very wrong, as I also learned. It’s only when you have that sweet surrender to our Lord Jesus that we feel complete!

    1. This is right on time for me. God bless you for your time to pour into a women like me. I enjoyed this and I will definitely be following.

  2. Hi Jenna, I love seeing posts that are pro-marriage. We have so many negatives about marriage and hanging in there that your post is so uplifting and reminds one of how it all started in the beginning, instead of being stuck in the rut we sometimes find ourselves.
    Great post
    God bless

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