10 Unique Gift Ideas for Mom Under $50

From the mom who loves to cook to the mom who loves all things cheesy, here are 10 Unique Gift Ideas for Mom Under $50. Whether it is Mother’s day, Christmas or any day, these gift ideas will bring a smile to your momma’s face. <3

Uncommon gift ideas for mom

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Firstly, if you are a little late to the shopping game… These gifts can be found on Amazon.com and shipped to your house in 2 days! Whew, you’re safe.

Secondly, if your mom is anything like mine, she doesn’t take very much time for herself. So, these gifts have that in mind. A meaningful gift for mom that helps her pamper herself and relax!

These uncommon gift ideas for mom are a simple way to show you appreciate her, while still staying within your $50 budget!


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10 Unique Gift Ideas For Mom Found on amazon

1. “Love You Mom” spa kit

Gifts for Mom Spa Kit

With this handmade spa kit, you can pamper mom for under $50! The kit is from The Little Flower Soap Co., and they allow you to enter a message on the card and also a personalized message on the candle!

An awesome way to make mom feel special!

Price: $38.00

2. Custom Cutting Board

Cutting Board for Mom

Does your mom love to cook? If she does, she will love this high-quality oak cutting board with its personalized message, too! This company allows you to choose a cutting board for dad, mom and grandma!

So every time she’s chopping onions, your thoughtful gift will bring tears to her eyes! <3

Price $24.95

3. Classic Leather Purse

Unique gift ideas for mom

This unique gift idea for mom comes with high quality, anti-scratch, and tear-resistant leather! The ITSCOSY purse also includes a wallet, messenger bag, and clutch! Great to have such versatility and quality in a purse for under $50.

Not to mention, it has great reviews and that price is unheard of…

Price: $43.99

4. “MOther” Personalized Planter Box

Mother's personalized planter box

This handcrafted personalized planter box is an awesome unique gift idea for the mom who has a green thumb. The planter box is made from sturdy pine wood. And it is adorable! You can add colorful flowers, herbs or succulents to it for her.

So, if your mom loves to garden, this is a nice way for her to enjoy an indoor herb garden or flowers!

You can personalized this planter to say “Mother” or her last name.

Price: $27.99

Affordable Gift for Grandma

Free Printable for the Grandma who has everything and cherishes her grandbabies!

Meaningful & Unique gift ideas for mom under $50

5. Hanging Photo Collage

Mother's Day gifts for mom

All the feels with this one… As mommies, we love photos!

Everyone remembers the framed, dated photo collage pictures. Here is a cute, versatile version with this Hanging Photo Collage. So she can easily change out older photos for newer school pictures or family photos!

Price: $32.86

6. Mom Graphic T-Shirt

Let’s be honest, moms love a good soft t-shirt to relax in. I love me some cute t-shirts. Today, there are all sorts of cute graphic t-shirts for the “Mom Life”. You can find this graphic t-shirt for mom here.

So help mom get her comfy on.

Price: $9.99

7. Unique Gift Ideas for Mom: Ceramic Jewelry Dish

Jewelry bowl for mom

Selecting jewelry for mom can be really difficult, but a beautiful jewelry dish with a heartfelt saying is always a win. It is an uncommon gift that will surprise her, yet has a purpose!

Price: $16.99

8. Facial Cleaning Brush

unique Gift ideas for mom under $50

Another way for mom to pamper herself is with this Soft Facial Cleaning Brush! Most moms don’t take enough time for self-care. So this facial cleaning brush is a meaningful way of showing your mom that she should take time for herself!

This brush has a great price and awesome reviews! Thus, an easy way for mom to set time aside for herself at home.

Price: $25.99


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9. Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler with Lid & Straw

unique gift ideas for mom wine tumbler

Most mommas need a cup of coffee to make it through life, lol. Or maybe some vino? So, grab your mom a Wife Mom Boss Wine Tumbler to keep her refueled! Choose from different sayings. Great gift for under $20!

So, vine not? (Too much?)

Price: $19.50

10.Handmade front door spring wreath

unique gift ideas for mom

This beautiful front door wreath is a great way for her to welcome guests to her home and a unique gift idea for mom. If your mom doesn’t have a green thumb, she can still decorate with this handcrafted spring wreath!

So, if your mom loves to decorate her home, this is a thoughtful gift idea for mom.

Price: $31.99

Unique Gift ideas for mom

As you can see, there are all sorts of ways you can spoil mom for her special day! Sometimes, it is hard to know what to get the mother who has everything, but these 10 Unique Gift Ideas for her will help you find something meaningful for her.

If you’re running behind for Mother’s Day, her birthday or Christmas, this list will be a lifesaver, since everything can be found on Amazon.com!

What is the most unique gift idea you’ve had for mom?

Happy Shopping,

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10 Unique Gift Ideas for Mom

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