The Best Bibles for Every Age and Understanding

The Bible has so much meaning to grasp – it is incredible. It can also be overwhelming! I have found some Bibles are better than others for different ages and different levels of understanding. So I compiled a list of the best Bibles – my “go to” for kids, new Christians, myself, my husband – Everyone!

Best Bibles

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For most age groups, I listed the best Study Bible based on personal experience and/or reviews!

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0-2 Years Old

My daughter and son received this My Little Bible from our church when they were dedicated. This Bible is really easy to use for the 0-2 years old attention span. Each story is a couple of sentences long and has a picture to go with the story. I have many fond memories of reading these stories with my daughter, at the breakfast table, before my son joined the gang. πŸ™‚

Best Bibles My Little Bible

The Best Bibles for 2-4 Years Old

The Baby Bible Storybook is SO fun… Each story has actions for the kids to do while they listen. We all know kids, this age, are so squirmy and can’t really keep quiet through a story. This Bible embraces that and makes it a fun, interactive experience for the kiddos.

baby bible storybook girls

You can select a girl or boy version when you order!

boys storybook

1-2nd Graders

The Beginner’s Bible is for ages 4-8 and has 90 Bible stories that are easy to read. The best part is that there is vivid, 3D artwork!

It has illustrations of our favorite Bible characters in action. So this is really a fun one for 1st and 2nd graders. πŸ™‚

The Beginner's Bible


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The Best Bibles for 3-4th Graders

My son received My First Bible as a gift from his Godmother. I was so excited because we didn’t have an advanced Bible yet for when the kids are older. He is only two… but, my daughter, who is four, enjoys when I read her this before bed. 

This beautifully illustrated Bible is composed of the main stories in the Bible but is not a comprehensive Bible. For this age group, it has nice detail but isn’t too difficult to understand. Each story is about 4 pages long with larger print and pictures on each page.  

My First Bible

Reading Level: 3-4th Grade

Tween/Teen Girl

This beautiful Teen Girl’s Bible is geared towards girls. It features daily readings for the teen to get into reading the Bible everyday! Also, there are verses worth remembering and character profiles of women in the Bible.

It also features how to deal with family, friends, sports, work and guys by helping your teen discover God’s will.

Best Bibles NIV Teen Girl's Study Bible

Best Bibles for Teenage Guys

This next, The Action Bible is fun! The Bible is in comic book form with great illustrations focusing on the action of the Bible stories. Even though it is meant for ages 9-11, I’m sure a comic book loving teenage guy would love this Bible longer. πŸ™‚

The Bible features questions of faith that challenge your tween/teen. It also has a “Guess It” section that gives five clues for them to guess what person, place or thing is being described. There is an “Apply and Reflect” discussion section. The Bible also describes the ancient times and their weapons, food, clothes, etc!

Best Bible ESV The Action Bible

OTher Best Bible for Teenage Guys

If you are looking for something more streamline for a teenage boy, then this NIV Boy’s Bible would be a good choice.

It describes the main points of the stories in the Bible and the need to know stories and people. This Bible tries to make reading fun by discussing the interesting and funny aspects. It also has verses for memory and discusses the gross and gory that all boys find fascinating!

NIV Boy's Bible

My Favorite Bible!!! Late Teens/Young Adult/New Christian

Okay, so the Holy Bible is one of my favorites, for myself, anyway. It has some illustrations in it; so, at my age it’s a little youthful, lol. HOWEVER, its language is so easy to understand, and it came at the perfect time in my life.

After having my first child, I decided to read the Bible every night. But I wanted a Bible I could fully understand, or why bother, you know?

Well I went through my bedroom, at my parent’s house, in search of my middle school Bible and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I had an adult Bible and had read it every night with my husband and we didn’t like it, so I wanted something super simple this time around. My mom offered me one she had and I just love it! I feel like it is perfect for new Christians, as well.

Best Bibles Holy Bible

This is not a study Bible however, just a regular – easy to understand – Bible. If you are looking particularly for study Bibles, see the Tween/Teen section or the Bibles below.


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Best Women’s STudy Bible

Not only is this Women’s Study Bible beautiful, it was made by women for women!

This Bible features specialized study notes for understanding the meaning better and also has 500 study words. The authors included 78 Biblical womanhood articles and it has over 100 character profiles. Lastly, it has “Written on my Heart” applications for applying the scriptures.

CBS Women's Study Bible

Best Men’s Study Bible

One year, for Easter, I wanted an awesome Bible for my husband. When you have a great Bible, sitting down and reading it is less intimidating. It is easier to dive into. After reading a million reviews on this Bible, I was convinced Every Man’s Bible was perfect.

When it arrived, I couldn’t put it down and was so jealous there isn’t a girl version! (Which I found something similar, later.) I normally wouldn’t have bought it because it was close to $40, which seemed kind of high, in my opinion; but, the reviews were so positive I went for it. 

It is so awesome. I soon found out why it was $40. First of all, it’s super manly with leather and comes in a fancy box. This Bible gives a timeline in the margins of each of the books, so he knows when things are taking place. There is a guide for if he would want to start a men’s Bible study with weekly topics and questions!

Best Study Bible for Men Every Man's Study Bible

There are several well-known Christian leaders who give advice to men. Every Man’s Bible talks about the balance of family life, challenges of work, sex, and other issues. Lastly, it offers stories about men in the Bible and what lessons can be learned from these men. 

General Adult Study Bible

If you are looking for a Study Bible that is not gender specific, this ESV Study Bible would be my suggestion! This award winning Bible was written by 95 scholars.

It features 50 educational articles and has over 25,000 notes for you to learn from! So with this Bible, you can learn from scholars who have studied the Bible for years and get their notes and take on things!

There is also full length book introductions so you learn quite a bit about the time frame of the book you’re going to be diving into.

ESV Study Bible

The Best Bibles for Mature Christian 

For a general Study Bible, I would suggest looking into MacArthur’s NASB Study Bible. Dr. MacArthur gives his personal study notes under the scriptures and nearly 25,000 of them! His notes are based on his 40 years of study.

It also features timeline charts for understanding when events took place, maps, great introductions to each book and much more! In my opinion, this is the best Bible and I will be purchasing this one next… It’s okay to collect Bibles, right?!?

Best Bibles MacArthur Study Bible

I would suggest giving CSB Apologetics Study Bible a shot, if you are wanting to learn more about defining your beliefs and sharing the Gospel.

The Apologetics Study Bible is helpful for those wanting to understand and proclaim their beliefs to others!

This book also features a section that dissects scriptures. It explains verses that are often twisted and misunderstood.

Update: I bought this for my mom and she absolutely loves it! She said there are a lot of articles in it that she has been wanting to read, in addition to the Bible.

Best Bibles The Apologetics Study Bible

If you are wanting to learn more about doctrine, there are great reviews on this Bible doctrine book. It discusses the 7 topics of doctrine: The Doctrine of the Word of God, The Doctrine of God, The Doctrine of Man, The Doctrine of Christ, The Doctrine of the Application of Redemption, The Doctrine of the Church, and finally The Doctrine of the Future.

Bible Doctrine

Bible Study

What God puts on our hearts when we read the Bible is different from person to person, so having a Bible study with others is such a huge learning experience. 

It is such a blessing. We can always learn something new! Every time I read the Bible, God shares something new with me. God is so divine and mysterious. It’s neat! Learn more about God’s word here!

Check out my favorite Bible Study group here! It is free and it is available EVERYWHERE for ALL ages!

Please feel free to let me know your favorites too, I would love to check them out!

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