How To Make Easy Burlap Feathers

Years ago, I saw these beautiful, framed feathers on Pinterest and wanted to make something similar for our family room. So I decided I would make my own version of this feather artwork! These easy Burlap Feathers turned out to be quite simple and quick, especially with the Free Feather Printable!

Feather Artwork

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I don’t know about you, but I don’t like paying for things I can make myself. Luckily, I had the burlap on hand and you can find the same burlap here.

The burlap I used is 5 ounces. What this means is that it doesn’t have a tight weave. Which makes it easy to copy a picture if you know what you’d like to design.  With the 5 oz burlap, you can simply print off what you want to draw and place the photo underneath your burlap. Trace, done!

Tip: The more ounces a burlap fabric is, the tighter the weave is which makes it more difficult to trace/see a picture underneath the fabric.


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Things you’ll need:

5 ounce burlap

Permanent marker

Print out of design you desire/Free Feather Printable

Picture frame (Frames pictured are 12X16)


Feather Artwork

I also did this with artwork for my son’s room. I printed out a baseball glove and placed it underneath the burlap. So, this made drawing a full baseball glove super simple.

Easy Burlap Artwork

However, for the burlap feathers, I drew them freehand as they are quite a bit simpler than a baseball glove. If you’re not feeling that brave, grab the Free Feather Printables as a guide!

Not An Artist? No Problem!

If you decide to draw something freehand on this 5oz burlap, you will soon find out you do NOT need to be a great artist!

Since this burlap isn’t tightly weaved, you don’t have to be very detailed or really that accurate. So, it is a very forgiving material! This may not be the case, if you decide to use a tighter weaved burlap, however.  

Tip: If you are going to draw something freehand, make sure you place newspaper underneath your burlap, so you do not get permanent marker on your work surface.

Easy Burlap Feathers: Shaping

So for the feathers, I started by deciding what shape I wanted each feather to be. Once I decided, then I designed the shaft of the feather based on the look I wanted.

I wanted three feather photos and I didn’t want all three of the feathers to look the same since they were going to be side by side on the wall. So, I wanted them to look kind of symmetrical but not a mirror image by any means.

Feather Artwork

Once I drew the shaft of the feather, I really just filled in the hairs (are they hairs? Idk… we’ll go with it) of the feather. Also, I made sure some of them were a little out of place to help make them look more natural.

Feather Artwork


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Easy Burlap Feathers

As I mentioned, you can also do this by using a print out or drawing what you want on a sheet of paper. So, place the paper under the burlap as a template.

After the feather artwork was the way I wanted it, I cut the burlap about an inch bigger on each side than the frames I had purchased. This way, I would be able to keep the burlap taught in the frame. So, I found these super cute frames from Hobby Lobby’s website and loved their rustic feel.

Feather Artwork

Free burlap feather art printable

How to draw burlap feathers on canvas

These feather printables come in 5×7 and 8×10. Once you download the printable, you will be able to pick from all three shapes for your own project’s needs.

Grab it now!

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So, I am pretty happy with how they turned out! Now, we are in a different home and we have them hung in our formal entryway. I love the simple artistry of them.

Moreover, they are kind of a statement for the shiplap wall. Several people have asked me where I bought them, which is kind of shocking to me as they were so simple to make. And I drew them freehand!

Feather Artwork

Lastly, don’t forget to show me how your burlap art turns out! I can’t wait to see what you come up with…


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