Finding your God-Given Purpose {Free Printable}

I remember going to work every morning and thinking I liked my job, but I wasn’t overly satisfied. Maybe you can relate… You are in a rhythm with your day to day, but you dread Mondays and wish for freedom. Thinking there has to be more to life. Learn to find your God-given Purpose in life and grab a free Finding Purpose Journaling Printable!

Finding God-given Purpose

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So, I don’t want to discredit where God has placed you in life right now. I think we can all agree we are very blessed. We have a place to live, food to eat, maybe even great friends or family.

Years ago, I knew I was blessed, but I wasn’t at peace with my life or with those blessings. Something was missing and I was unable to fully appreciate them.

You can find my post about dealing with grief and loss here.

I had so many things others do not have. Yet, I still couldn’t find the inner contentment I long for. So, I knew it seemed ridiculous! The fact of the matter is, it is our deepest desire. 

15 Attributes of God

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Appreciating where God has placed me

When I have a negative attitude, it is easy for me to write off my blessings and focus on the problem I’m currently facing. When I focus on what I don’t have, it is hard to see what I do have.

God is closing doors because He is opening others. Sometimes, it is harder for me than others to appreciate His divine plans.

So how can we find our God-given purpose? Start small, appreciate were God has placed you…

For instance, finding His blessings in simple, but meaningful ways: Keeping me safe on my way to get groceries, putting positive people in my kids’ life at church, etc. All of these things are easy to take for granted, until they’re gone. Thus, it is much easier to see how blessed we are in hindsight. 

How to find your God-given Purpose plus free worksheet

What can you thank God for? There are a million ways He blesses us every day, in ways we can see and in ways we can’t. 

You can learn more about how I fell in love with God here.

Step 1: How to Find Purpose

Personally, I pray my little heart out. I pray and thank God for all He does for me every day. I try to specifically point out the things I am grateful for: the roof over my head, the purpose He made me for. Also, I pray for things yet to come. 

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you home and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

So why does this work? Spending time praising God helps us see and feel His love. Before all we saw was what we thought God was withholding from us. By nature, I am a negative person but in Christ I have joy! In Christ, I stop and note the good.

Step 2: Finding Forgiveness

Years ago, I was watching a movie after having my first baby and I honestly don’t remember what movie it was, but the end was about forgiveness. Forgiving those who have wronged you and asking forgiveness from those who might be mad at you. I bawled. Haha

I had 3 people who immediately came to mind that I had held resentment towards and knew they were probably mad at me too. And I felt SO compelled to ask them for forgiveness for any sadness I may have caused them.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it and was really excited to apologize. (Only God does that!) My heart was ready.

I sent them notes apologizing… in the mail, on Facebook, and in person. I told myself that I couldn’t be hurt if they didn’t accept my apology graciously but that I needed to whole-heartedly apologize to move on.

Also, I needed to ask God for forgiveness for the way that I acted and in the sinful feelings, I felt. 

The Result

Two of the three recipients responded so well! They blessed me with their reactions! Just like that two of the three friendships were restored, and it has been a wonderful experience.

The third did not respond and that is okay. I know that not everyone is ready to forgive and that forgiveness takes time.

God also filled my heart with contentment! Girl, I am telling you feeling like you are on the right path with God is the BEST feeling in the world. It is so exciting and rewarding. 

What I learned from the person who did not respond – I learned that I have to choose to do the right thing regardless of how others react to it. I have to be who God called me to be even if it is not well received, popular or easy. 

Tips to discover your Life Purpose


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Step 3: How do we apologize to God?

Just this week in my Bible study we learned how one truly repents… 

The first step is feeling pain and sadness that we have sinned against God. Sometimes, I am sad that I have sinned but only because the consequences were crappy – this is not feeling genuine grief for sinning against God. 

The second step is having a new understanding of the sin. It is clear to us that we have sinned and that God was ignored for our own desires. 

The third step is confessing to our particular sin – We confess what behavior or thought was sinful. 

We acknowledge that God is a just God and is right to judge our sin. God is blameless, with no sins, and has a perfect standard that we have failed to meet. Jesus DID walk the earth without sinning!

We repent and have faith in Jesus that saves us. This repentance helps us turn from sin to Christ.*

*Please check out Bible Study Fellowship for more information!

Finding our god-given Purpose

So now let’s get to it, how do we do it?

Whenever I am separated from God by my sin, it is hard to hear His voice. When we get right with God, He speaks.

As I read His Word and sit in silence with Him, He tells me of His plans. He tells us why He made us. Tells you what He formed you for, built you for… He shows you the meaning in your challenges: the bad/crappy days. 

Finding God's Purpose

There’s beauty in the pain – Even on our bad days, we are finding our God-given purpose. What we learn from our struggles can be shared with someone else, just one step behind us in the same struggle. Moreover, we can share God with them, what we’ve learned and tell them about the joy that can be found in the struggle. 

Fulfilling our God-given purpose and sharing about Jesus with others gives us that inner peace we’ve been searching high and low for. It is what we were made to do!

So what’s your struggle? What is God teaching you through it? Will you share it or keep it to yourself?

Step 4: Get your Free Finding purpose journal

Free Finding Purpose Journal Printable

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Finding GOD-GIVEN Purpose & Peace

If you find yourself in the same spot again, start over. 🙂 Daily devotions with God will also help you significantly along the way. We are born sinners and easily take our focus off God. So, just get back up and go again!

When we are doing what God calls us to do, we have inner peace. It makes our hearts happy, because it is what He designed us for! 

If you are feeling like God is calling you to something uncomfortable – He probably is. 🙂 I am here to tell you, He has called me to do things that are pretty out of my comfort zone liiiiiike starting a blog -haha! But here we are! Go with it girl!

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  1. We were all created with the purpose of bringing glory to God. Years ago I read a book called How to fulfill GOd’s purpose for your life. I highly recommended! It was life changing book. This is a great post, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Jenna, I think my God-given purpose is to be the best witness that I can for Him. My blog has been a great forum for that. Because as a quad amputee, I’m home most of the time. I love that I have such an outlet, just like you. Great post!

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