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I remember being at work, feeling like I was in a rut. Every day was basically the same day… I would be wishing I was elsewhere doing something else. These free Christian Inspirational Quotes printables are a reminder of the Good News that God has set us free!

So whether you’re at work feeling weighed down or would like a pick-me-up at home, you can print these quotes to be a reminder throughout your day!

6 Christian Inspirational Quotes about Faith

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Who You Say I Am is my kids’ favorite song! They love to sing this as loud as they can in the car, at our house, in the grocery store, on repeat. Haha! Makes me laugh…

We will be cruising down the meat aisle at Wal-Mart and my son will sing, “I am a child of God, I am a child of God!”

He is two, so it is pretty precious.

Christian Inspirational Quote

I love how kids pick up on songs, because I had no idea he even knew that song… So then, one day, he’s just singing it by himself in the living room.

Makes a momma’s heart happy. <3

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King of my heart: quotes for strength

Free Christian Inspirational Quotes King of My heart

Firstly, I heard this song at a local IF: Gathering. The church had purchased access to the conference and we watched a day and a half of the speakers.

It is a really great conference, if you ever have the chance to go or listen afterwards.

The music leader sang King of my Heart that weekend. It’s the kind of song that gives you goosebumps.

Moreover, it is so understated and beautiful. It’s a great worship song because it is easy to memorize, so people can easily join in.

Stand in love free christian printable Quotes

I do real estate photography too, and this week on Instagram I shared about being nervous about vicious dogs at this one particular home I was headed to.

The realtor warned me that they were big dogs and had said one is not nice at all.

When I was little, I was petrified of dogs – big or little. It didn’t matter. Then, in the fifth grade, my parents bought me a dog. So, I learned to trust and love dogs.

Christian Inspirational Quote Printables

However, other people’s big dogs, when you’re roaming their property alone, is a way different story. So, I prayed during the forty-minute drive that the owner would take care of the issue.

When I arrived, the dogs were kenneled and quiet. However, when I walked towards the house, the dogs were barking and growling. Luckily, that was the extent of their ferociousness.

Leaving, I thought to myself, “Only God made sure I had zero run-ins with those dogs today.” So, this song, Stand in Love is a reminder that we can pray and stand in God’s love when we are afraid or anxious!

Christian Quotes: Lay me down

For many, many years, I told God my plans. He didn’t run the show, I did. I had great plans of going to college and marrying really young. Life was going to be great.

Except, I forgot one detail. He does run the show and I was left to digest that.

The song Lay Me Down talks about God’s will, His way. I think that is the hardest lesson in all of life to learn.

When we are little, we tell our parents we can’t wait to be grown-ups so we can do what we want… When we are grown-ups, we think now we can do what we want, but soon find out our Father is in control.

Free Christian Printables

The phrase, “Don’t force it” applies here.

I remember thinking, if I just stay determined and keep trying with this relationship, it will work out. He will love me. We will get married. You can read more about my quest for a soulmate here.

Thank God, I was wrong!! Now, when I am unsure which way to go, I pray first, act later and just roll with God’s plan.

Broken Things Christian Printable

Broken Things by Matthew West is one of those songs you shout/sing at the top of your lungs in the car (alone, but to each his own).

I absolutely love this song because it embraces the fact that I’m a total sinner, but still have a seat at the table. I still have a purpose for Him. We are useful to Him, scars and all.

We all have scars, some more than others and everyone’s scars look different. You can read more about finding God’s purpose for your life here.

Christian Encouragement for Women Free Printable Quotes

The Gospel

Do you believe in the power of the Holy Spirit? Do you doubt your ability to share the Gospel the right way? Don’t we all…

You shouldn’t. Why?

The Holy Spirit lives within you once you accept Jesus as your Savior! The power to save lives right inside you – this pretty much blows me away!

Charles Spurgeon Quote

The Charles Spurgeon quote summarizes the Gospel’s power and I love it.

Want to know what to share when you tell someone the Gospel message? Click here for the 4 Steps to Sharing the Gospel!

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Secondly, I pray God’s plan makes you excited for your life. I hope it makes you more excited than your own plan for your life!! <3

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