7+ Practical Father’s Day Gifts from Amazon

Father’s Day is coming, folks! It seems like the summer just gets going and we have all these events, then boom… It is Father’s Day. So, in case it is creeping up on you, here are 7+ Practical Father’s Day Gifts from Amazon. So, you can take advantage of that two-day shipping.

7 Practical Dad Gifts for Father's Day

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Practical Father’s Day Gifts

My husband is not much of a gift guy. He awkwardly doesn’t know what to say when he receives gifts. It is actually kind of funny, in a watching someone trip up the stairs, kind of way.

If the gift isn’t practical, he isn’t really sure what to do with it. So, if your husband is similar to mine, he will appreciate these 7+ gifts that are functional.

There are some gifts that still have a memorable and sentimental touch, while maintaining practicality!


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1. Father’s Day Gifts: Hi-Spec Power Drill

Whether he enjoys fixing things around the house or just needs a drill out of necessity, this Hi-Spec power drill set is a great kit. Maybe you can get him to hang those shelves you’ve been wanting. Lol!

Hi-Spec Power Drill Father's Day

Price: $44.99

2. Master of the Grill: Grill Table

Father's Day gift Ideas

The Giantex Aluminum Grill Table is awesome for having additional cooking space while grilling, camping, fishing, tailgating, you name it! You know how it is when he’s grilling, all of this food and no place to put anything. This grill table folds up nicely for portability, too. Furthermore, it has hooks for hanging up your utensils and tools.

Price: $62.99

3. Matching Father & son Ties

Matching Ties Father's Day gift ideas

These matching father and son ties are so adorable. Once again, super functional but also sentimental. Little man would love to have a tie just like daddy!

Price: $34.99

4. Father’s Day Gifts: Pressure Washer

Father's Day gift ideas

One thing I have learned about men: they love power. My dad has this pressure washer and loves it. My husband borrowed it when my father in law was in town and they loved it so much they went out to find my father in law one.

Pressure washers are great for cleaning off the deck, house, spraying out the garage after winter, cleaning car floor mats, and more!

Price: $129.00

5. Diagnostic Coder

This Diagnostic Coder will let you know what is wrong with your car when a dash light comes on! So, pretty much a great gift for any car owner, not just a dad. However, a car guy would really love this tool.

Father's Day gift ideas

Price: $69.99

6. pERSONALIZED Daddy Shark Mug

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Daddy shark, doo doo… (sorry if that gets stuck in your head all day) For the daddy shark, who is a coffee lover. Amazon has all sorts of personalized coffee cups for recognizing dad. You can find this Daddy Shark Coffee Mug here.

Price: $19.99

7. Propane Fire Pit

Father's Day Gift Ideas

A Propane Fire Pit is a wonderful gift for spending family time together. You can relax outside and make some s’mores! The best part is that the propane fire pit doesn’t have the campfire smell, so your clothes and hair will not stink.

Price: $209.99

Unique Gifts for Him

So, want even more gifts for him?

Free Father’s Day Gifts

Make his Favorite Meal

Breakfast in bed, his favorite dessert, or his favorite meal, dad will appreciate food!

Thus, you know what they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!


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Take out the trash

At our house, dad takes out the trash. I know when it is Mother’s Day, I would love to give away all of the “not so fun” mom duties, like doing the dishes. So for free gifts, why not take the trash out for dad?!

Father’s Day Gifts

Seems like, if the dad in our life needs something, they just run out and grab it. Hopefully, with this list even the picky father will love these practical gifts!

So, what gadget has the dad in your life loved?

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7 Practical Dad Gifts for Father's Day 7 Practical Father's Day Gift Ideas

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