Bible Verses for Hope+ Free Anxiety Journal

Right now, it is easy to feel uncertain and even hopeless as the world adapts to a new normal. Maybe you’re wondering if the curve will spike again or worry about losing your family time to your old chaotic schedule. Either way, Covid-19 has never changed the fact that God is still on His throne and in complete control! We might feel out of control, but God knew this would happen before we existed. So, we can cling to His Word and focus on Bible Verses for Hope.

Also, don’t forget to grab a free anxiety journal for combating anxiety with God!

9 Bible Verses for Hope when you're anxious

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Finding hope in our anxiety

It seems like our worries about health and finances are the biggest earthly stressors. This year, both of those were put to the test as Covid-19 spread across the world and sent many applying for unemployment.

How has quarantine tested how you rely on God?

I think we can all see that God has a purpose for this time in our lives. We can all grow deeper in our reliance on Him, just as Paul’s time in prison strengthened his desire to share the Gospel.

It is easy to watch the news and get sidetracked by man’s takeaway from times of crisis but God is the One calling the shots. The Bible has the answers we need. The more we cling to Him, the less anxious we will feel.

Do you find the Bible challenging to read? Here are 4 Easy Tips for Understanding Your Bible!

Free Anxiety Journaling Printable

Anxiety Journal Printable for Christian Women

This free printable anxiety journal was designed to shift the focus from worry to God’s promises. He is trustworthy and has promised His children they will be taken care of. So, combat your anxiety with God. He is victorious!

Grab your free Anxiety Journal here!

9 Bible verses on Hope

This week, I had the honor of writing for Graceful Abandon! Join me for the Bible Verses on Hope over there. Lisa has amazing Christian encouragement for women of faith.


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9 Bible Verses for Hope when you're anxious Bible Verses for Hopelessness

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