Vintage Aviation Party {& Party Planning Tips}

This Vintage Aviation Party was for my son’s birthday. I wanted to do something that he would find super fun. He was turning TWO! He loves everything that “goes”, so we ended up doing a Vintage Aviation Party! It was super fun!

Vintage Aviation Party

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Whenever he hears a plane going by overhead, he stops in his tracks and says, “Noise!” Then I will say, “Airplane”. His mouth drops and he just listens and looks around – haha. Little boys are so neat!

I wanted to share the details of this vintage airplane party with you all, too. Also, wanted to share some party planning tips and tricks, because we all know that planning a party can be a lot of work, detailed and stressful!

Vintage Airplane Cake
Vintage Airplane Cake


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When I found these cute vintage planes online, I was super excited. They came in a package of three (but they are also available in a four pack). You can find the planes here. They are red, blue and yellow (and white, if you choose the four pack). They are about the size of Christmas ornaments, which is what I think they are.

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On to the details of this Vintage Aviation Party!

Vintage Aviation Party Details

I really love vintage things. I feel like they are classy and romantic. Modern decor isn’t really my thing.

Vintage Aviation Birthday Theme

So since I already have a lot of vintage decor around the house, it makes decorating for different parties easy. I usually have something I have collected over the years that works for the different themes, like the old books and crate. Perfect for this Vintage Aviation Party!

Baggage Drop Off Gifts

Tip: In order to keep things inexpensive, I like to design signs and decorations using paper. That way I can make things that will work for the party’s theme and make them personalized. You can see I did that with the airport seal for his Vintage Aviation Party.

Aviation Hat for Kids
Vintage Airplane Party Decorations

More paper ideas – LOTS of paper airplanes! Somewhat time consuming, but adds interest so that not all the decor/planes look the same.

You can find this super cute kid’s aviator hat here for your Vintage Aviation Party! I thought my son wouldn’t want to put it on, but he didn’t want to take it off, haha!

Vintage Aviation Party Signs

The Baggage Drop Off area was a place for guests to leave their gifts and then Baggage Claim was an area to grab a party favor before they left!

Baggage Claim
Airplane Party Favors

You can see that I added an airport seal to the “Baggage Drop Off” and “Baggage Claim” signs.

Airheads for the Baggage Claim… get it? lol

Jet Fuel Airplane Party Drink
Airplane Party Food Ideas

Food Tags – Another simple way paper adds detail to a party!

Time Saver: I have made a food tag template on my computer so that I can easily customize the food tags to what the party theme is and quickly write whatever I need each label to say!

Bottled waters were our “Jet Fuel”. Gotta stay hydrated!

More Time Savers:

So on this particular day, we had a lot going on at church, so I needed to think of treats and decor that could be done in advance. Sometimes, I spend time the morning of a party preparing dips or cutting fruit, but I just did not have that kind of time…

Tip: Make sure you think of all of the foods you’d like to have and narrow it down to what you CAN do. It seems like a lot of fun foods are foods that need to be made day of, so consider how much you’ll be able to accomplish the morning of the party and foods that you could choose instead that are ready made!

Flotation Device Airplane Party Food
Airplane Party Food Ideas

So, I chose simple sweet and salty combinations that everyone loves. (Fortunately, we do not have any peanut allergies in our group!)

We did regular circle shaped pretzels as the airline’s “Flotation Device”.

Roasted Peanuts Airplane Party Food
Airplane Party Food Ideas

And, of course, the classic “Roasted Peanuts” for the In-Flight Menu.

Another great time saver is to buy basic plates, napkins, silverware and cups in bulk, so that you don’t have to run out and buy themed ones for every party.

For all of my time-saving and money-saving tricks click here!

Vintage Aviation Photo Booth!

I really enjoy having pictures of the guests too, so a photo booth is the perfect way.

Aviation Photo Booth Props
Vintage Airplane Party Photobooth Props

A few years ago, I made props for a baby shower and slowly have added party appropriate props for each photo booth!

Adventure Awaits Airplane Photo Booth

Our bonus room, that we host parties in, has the perfect wall for a backdrop and photo booth. So, I used some white duct tape for the contrails and added a map. Then I cut out some airplanes and a cloud with my Cricut. You can find my Cricut here.

Airplane Sign Adventure Awaits

I really love my Cricut for parties, because party decor can really add up quickly. So being able to make my own decor, from images found online, is super handy!

Classic Airplane Birthday Party

These cool unfinished wooden planes can be found at Oriental Trading Co. I was excited when I found these, because my son loves to color and paint. So, I figured after the party, we can use them again to decorate and play with.

For the other hanging planes, I just folded paper airplanes and then strung a string through them – simple decor.

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Happy party planning your Vintage Aviation Party!

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