Coffee Alternative Gluten & Dairy Free Recipe

Do you love coffee but your body doesn’t? Years ago, I started having problems drinking coffee because of stomach issues and migraines, from the caffeine. But I LOVE coffee, so I was really disappointed. After quite a bit of experimenting, my mom and I came up with a coffee alternative drink recipe that has minimal caffeine!

Healthy Coffee Alternative

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Coffee is one of those cozy smells and tastes that resonates with a lot of people. There are a lot of memories formed around coffee! It’s like the Christmas of drinks.

I remember drinking coffee, like a big girl, with my mom on Saturday mornings when I was probably only four. I started liking bitter tasting drinks, at a young age.

So, when I started having problems with acid reflux, irritable bladder and migraines from coffee, I was not so thrilled. When it is part of your routine it is hard to give up the warm soothing drink.

Did you know coffee is a diuretic? Coffee has caffeine, which actually makes you urinate more often, and means you are losing vitamins and nutrients, faster than you should be! So, it was time to find something similar to drink, without caffeine.


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Coffee Alternative with cacao

Then, I found organic cacao powder. It is very similar to cocoa powder but healthier. Cacao powder is paleo, so it’s dairy, gluten and soy free. It also has vitamins and nutrients that coffee doesn’t offer.

Healthy Coffee Drink

According to, regular cocoa powder has 198 milligrams of caffeine, whereas cacao powder only has 12 milligrams of caffeine.

I was looking for a caffeinefree drink… Well, chocolate and coffee both have enough caffeine to keep me up at night and induce a migraine. Cacao powder, although it does contain caffeine, does not contain enough caffeine to keep me awake at night or to cause a migraine.

Such a win… You can find my Cacao Powder Paleo Chocolate recipes here.

A Healthy Coffee Alternative Recipe

I remember being so hungry when I would drink coffee. This recipe includes protein from the almond milk, so you won’t have such ravaging hunger like one does when they’re drinking coffee all morning long.

This recipe is the equivalent to a fancy Starbucks coffee. Warm, bitter, and oh so sweet!

Although this coffee alternative recipe contains a sweet element, you don’t have to ruin your no-sugar diet to indulge! This recipe includes natural sweeteners – honey and pure maple syrup. You can add as much or as little as you desire.

Sometimes, I don’t add any, to be honest! But I really enjoy bitter drinks, dark chocolate and a strong “coffee” taste. So, if you’re a dark coffee loving person, you can give that a try too!

Cacao Powder “Coffee” – Coffee Alternative

A nutrient rich coffee alternative drink. This low caffeine “coffee” can be rich and bitter or sweet and creamy. 
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Servings: 1 Person



  • Heat milk to just under boiling. 
  • Add cacao powder and stir briskly until dissolved thoroughly. (If milk isn’t warm enough, the powder will not dissolve)
  • Mix in pure maple syrup and honey. 
  • Optional: add cinnamon and/or nutmeg – great for adding a warm flavor 

If you’re filling a coffee mug, not just a coffee cup, double this recipe. You can also make a large batch for the week. Simply refrigerate the leftovers and reheat individually each morning.


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So nice to have your “coffee” back. A coffee your body will thank you for switching to. What a morning saver… This would go great with Gluten & Dairy Free Caramel Rolls!

When someone asks you how you’ll take your coffee now… your answer will be a bit different!

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