God Saved My Marriage from Divorce Testimonies: 6 Women Tell All

Do you believe God has the power to save a marriage? Maybe you’re praying He does or maybe you’re looking for a way out… Either way, I urge you to read these testimonies now! Several bloggers get vulnerable and share their personal testimonies about how God saved their marriages from divorce. They share the downright ugly and how Jesus revived their broken unity. So, here are 6 “God saved my marriage from divorce” testimonies!

How God saved my marriage from divorce testimonies

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When you need a miracle to save your marriage

God’s design for marriage is perfect, but the people in the marriage aren’t perfect. So, marriage is hard work and can be isolating. I share about trying to fill the void of loneliness in my marriage and how disappointing that loneliness is.

But I know I’m not the only one who has felt lonely in their marriage. So, I wanted to hear from other Christian women. In their posts, they show how God restored and revived their marriages before they decided to divorce. Their testimonies are vulnerable and hopeful!

How god saved these marriages from divorce Testimonies

Meet Sheila formerly from CANDIDLY Christian

For years, Sheila hid behind a smile and pretended things were fine. In truth, she was miserable and bitter, and her marriage was on the road to divorce. Then, her husband did the last thing she expected, and it changed everything…

Read how God saved her marriage in her testimony here.


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Meet Sarah from Sarah geringer

You can begin again after marriage separation with God’s help. By following God’s plan for marriage, you can have a fresh start with greater hope. This is what happened in my story, and it can happen in yours too.

If you are facing a separation or already inside one, I know how scary it can be…

Read the way God saved their marriage here.

The Wife Who Prays Jenna L Kosters MS

Learn to pray for your marriage how a Proverbs 31 Woman would pray! Grab The Wife Who Prays: 31 Prayers for Your Husband + Prayer Journal now!

Meet Julie from Grace over 40

And then one day, out of sheer exhaustion I gave up trying to ‘fix’ him, and gave it to God.

I will never forget that day. I stood in the shower and literally screamed at the top of my lungs ‘HELP US!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us!

Listen to what God did to save their marriage here.

Meet Michele sharing her story on particularly called

I lived in a struggling marriage for almost two decades. When I followed this four step biblical process it saved my marriage. By submitting to God’s word, it was an invitation for Him to intervene in my life and He did!

Read the ways God revived their marriage in her testimony here.

God saved my marriage from divorce testimonies

Meet Sarah from the backyard missionary

God redeemed our marriage by miraculously healing my husband from a drug addiction nine years into our marriage. He’s been clean ever since and God rekindled our love and trust for each other.

Read Before You File for Divorce here.

meet luisa from fruitfully living

Have you ever found yourself having nothing but disdain for the person that is suppose to be your spouse? Have you ever wondered if you could love them again?

In this testimony, Luisa recounts how God was able to bring her back from a place of hopelessness. She doesn’t sugarcoat the difficulties of the journey but provides the key factors that led to full restoration and a complete transformation of herself and her spouse.

Read how God saved her marriage testimony here.

God saved my marriage from divorce 7 women tell all

My story

My husband wasn’t living up to my expectations anymore and I was left feeling lonely and unloved. I desired my husband to be Mr. Right and was fantasizing about a marriage that felt more like dating. Then, God showed me something new about myself…

Read Did I Marry the Wrong Person here.


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God, please save my marriage from divorce

In this next post, Apryl from Money Wise Steward writes about having a Christ-Centered Marriage after years of a marriage without Christ. She offers 7 tips to develop a Christ-Centered Marriage and Bible verses for encouragement. You can find her story here.

7 testimonies from women ready for divorce

Next, Brooke from Brooke Grangard shares about grieving the husband that she expected her husband to be. (I think we can all relate…) Brooke talks about her imaginary husband versus her actual husband and letting go of those expectations, so she could embrace the marriage to a spouse God gave her. You can read Brooke’s post here.

Lastly, Katherine from Chronicles of Momia give 10 tips she learned while doing marriage counseling with her husband. She has found these tips to be successful when trying to salvage a damaged relationship and bring joy back to a marriage. You can find those tips here.

God saved my marriage from divorce testimonies

Praise Jesus for His power to revive marriages!

I was overjoyed and overwhelmed reading these ladies’ stories. God is good and with His help our marriages can be too! I pray that you are filled with hope today after reading these God Saved my Marriage from Divorce Testimonies and filled with His peace for your marriage.

Give it to God today, friend.

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7 testimonies from women ready for divorce How God saved my marriage from divorce testimonies God saved my marriage from divorce 7 women tell all

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