Diy Date Night Ideas {Free or Cheap}

No budget or imagination for fun date night ideas? We have all been there. You want to enjoy each other and not suffer the consequences of paying for it later. For instance, maybe you’re paying off student loans, saving for a vacation or have a young family and money is tight.

10 Unique Date Night Ideas Free or Affordable

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If your husband is like my husband, then he is very practical about your date night ideas. 🙂 He is the brains of the operation here. Moreover, this man could invent games and rules for a living.

So, with my husband’s help, I have made a list of fun cheap or even FREE date ideas for you and your partner to try out.


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10 DIY Date Night Ideas

1. Vacation Home at Home

So, send your kids to the grandparent’s house for the night (or weekend, gasp!) and treat your home as if it is a vacation home! Thus, you can cook supper together, have a movie night, sleep in late, breakfast in bed… So, enjoy some quiet alone time!

Coffee date idea

2. Indoor Goofy Golf

Say what? That sounds like an awful idea… Ha! Fear not. My husband set this up and used objects in our home as obstacles. For example, pillows as roadblocks, cardboard box on the stairs for a steep hole, a plastic cup for the hole…

So, see how creative you can be… is your final hole your kitchen sink? If it is, send me pictures! So, the sky is the limit.

3. Costco Date Night Ideas

This one may not be cheap folks. So, sorry about that. However, you can get your groceries purchased for the week, eat samples for supper or order off the menu.

So… our trips to Costco are one of my favorite things. Shopping + Eating = Win. If you have a home full of kiddos, shopping for groceries is a necessity, so might as well make it fun!

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4. Board Game Date Night Ideas

Ok, hear me out… This doesn’t have to be a bored game night. See what I did there… Thus, if your partner is like my husband, he absolutely loves playing games and a little competition.

So, what are some fun board games for couples? Some of our favorite board games are Sequence, Clue (we figured out a way to play it with only two players- my favorite), Monopoly (his favorite), Trouble, cards, video games, etc!

DIY Date Night Ideas for Married Coupoles

5. Scavenger Hunt

This one is super fun. Although, it does require some preparation. For my birthday last year, we went with some of my friends to an escape room and it was seriously so fun! When we finished, we had all these ideas for doing it with our friends in our own home… like dinner party style!

An easier option is an Escape Room game in a box – which you can check out here!


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Outdoor Date Night Ideas

6. Outdoor Stroll & Coffee

We moved a couple of years ago and I used to love walking in our old neighborhood. So now, it is fun to go back and see how things have changed. Thinking about how our family has grown since we lived there, is so special to me. It’s good for a momma’s heart!

So, go for a walk in an old neighborhood you grew up in or the two of you used to live in. Moreover, you can talk about how things have changed and reminisce.

7. Date Night Ideas: Get Outside

So, at our house, we enjoy getting things accomplished around the house and outside. For instance, we do yard work as our activity together – ah not romantic… Buuuut, these types of activities, keep us off our phones and computers and we aren’t just watching tv together.

I find that if we are busy playing games or kayaking together, the hubby is more chatty too ???? Thus, I trick him into talking (sorry, not sorry).

In addition, after we pick up all the sticks and branches that have fallen in the yard, we fire pit and make s’mores – now that’s a romantic ending!

Date Night Ideas
Photo by The Photography Shoppe

8. Sunset Picnic

Pack a snack and go for a drive and find a fun place to watch the sunset. So you can enjoy the views and your company!

9. Open Houses

My husband is a realtor. So, when we first got married, we would walk to vacant homes in our neighborhood and check them out. It was super fun for me and market knowledge for him. So, if you’re a lookie Lou like me, make a date day of checking out open houses in a new neighborhood.

10. Dreams

This one is probably my favorite part about being married. I absolutely love to dream and talk about the future with him. It is fun to imagine what we will accomplish and where we will be in years to come. When we even just share our dreams for our careers, our house or for our kiddos, it is bonding because it is something we get to do together.

Thus, just remember that date nights don’t always have to be super fancy to be a great memory for you and your partner.

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Date Night Ideas


So, come up with your own thrifty way of spoiling your spouse! If you think of something new, let me know what you did!! I’d love to hear your date ideas!

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DIY Date Night Ideas 10 Unique Date Night Ideas Free or Affordable DIY Date Night Ideas

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  1. So love these ideas!! They’re different and unique, especially coming from someone who just goes out to dinner!! What great ones. I got some good ones for this weekend. Thanks for these tips.

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